The foundation of the adultsgroup

daansers_klein_3The "Stedeker Daansers" is a folklore dance group from Diepenheim, the smallest town from the province of Overijssel. This dance group is since the 1st of January 2001 a part of the small country community of Twente. 

The dance group was founded in 1965 by a group of country youngsters. They were motivated by the 5th of May Liberation day celebration. They formed a farmers dance group who were interested in “’t oale” (this means "the old").See History

Their goal was to preserve the old Twentse and especially the Diepenheimse folklore for the posterity. This is carried out by song, dance, music, play, tradition and to collect antiquities like clothing, jewellery, shoes, object, etc. The members dance in the original Sunday Deepse costume like they were worn around the 1900. 

The "Stedeker Daansers" own the so called "old bicycles" which were are used during the VVV-six-Castle route around Diepenheim and during stops they perform dances. 
Their repertoire consists the following: 

  • over 60 dances

  • A variation of songs, also in dialect

  • Costume shows of costumes worn in the period from 1790 until 1950. The costumes are adjusted to the period of the year or the hour of the day (see costumes).

  • Teaching groups one of the oldest local sports, namely “Klootschieten”

The “Stedeker Daansers” practice every Monday night by the members renovated clubhouse which is called “the little barn”. akordionnistenThey are accompanied by musicians who play the accordion or the harmonica. The club use live music when practicing and performing. Many performances are held yearly for the elderly, tourists, clubs, weddings, trade fairs, disabled people and students. They also participate in national and international festivals organised by other folklore dance groups. The members of the dance groups travelled to several different countries such as Italy, Austria, France, Spain, America, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Hungary, Lithuania and Portugal. 

An international festival is organised once every 5 year. The first time was in 1975. These festivals are visited by thousand of people. During the 2002 festival two records were established in the Guinness Book of Records: 

  • Folklore dances on clogs by 392 dancers which lasted 30 minutes and 36 seconds. The dances had to remain in one line while dancing thru the streets of Diepenheim. Music was provide by accordions and harmonicas (= Dutch-Belgium Record).

  • 566 harmonica players played for 22 minutes and 5 seconds non-stop (= Guinness World Record)

During the 2005 Whit Sun weekend a festival will be organised when different foreign groups will be present.

recordMany of the old traditions will be honoured such as: 
The junior section, called the "Stedeker Krummels" will be parading on Palm Sunday with their decorated Palm branches and afterwards searching for Easter Eggs. There is also "Kroamschudden". This is a very old tradition which is fading away. When a baby is born the parents are given a large "Krentenwegge" (traditional loaf of bread with raisons). 

The dance repertoire of the "Stedeker Daansers" consists of over 60 dances. Specific dances like the Veleta, Spanish Waltz, German Polka, Waltz of Roses, Hoksebarge, Regge Waltz, etc. were preformed during weddings. Every dance comes with a story which tells us why certain steps belong to a song. Often the dancers will sing during a dance.

Komende evenementen

26 Nov 2023;
10:30 -
Wandeltocht Stedeker Daanders
11 Dec 2023;
15:00 -
Optreden Senioren Kerspel Goor


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